About me

I write a lot because I find inspiration in life. I like to share my knowledge and experience. I have written three books one of which was OnePress’s best selling business book in 2017.

In addition to books, I blog and publish in industrial magazines “Production Manager” and “Szef UR”.

What makes me feel the most comfortable is working with manufacturing and service companies to build improvement strategies. I started creating IDP (Instytut Doskonalenia Produkcji) 10 years ago. My team and I have helped over 200 companies to continuously improve. Among the companies are Nutricia Opole and Głogów Copper Smelter and Hutchinson Polska.

Training and lecturing is another area where I work for companies and universities in Poland. I co-authored the Lean Management post-graduate program curriculum in Wrocław University of Economics 20 editions ago.

I trained companies like Kirchhoff Automotive Poland and Hansen Polska and Erkado on Lean Management and Common Sense Management.

If you are interested how I work, go to my open training site and check where and when we can meet.

I like to train and present in Polish, English and Russian so I started teaching technical conference presenters how to speak effectively. My program is titled  “Presentations that Sell”.

I cannot imagine living without my family, without writing or making music. I am a minimalist.

If you would like to follow my career, go to the Instytut Doskonalenia Produkcji site.